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Success Stories

No More Mucus

I first heard of the new allergy treatment at a fair. Thought it wouldn't work, but then i thought "no needles" maybe I will give it a chance. Got tested and then on my first treatment for "mucin", I felt the effects almost immediately. My throat has been clear of mucus since. I have not coughed or had the feeling of an itching throat.


Disclaimer: results will vary from person to person


Sinus Problems


"It's great to have my life back again"

I’ve had sinus problems and allergies since I came to Kansas 2 years ago. I started having migraine headaches once a week for the past year. Since I started receiving treatment, my allergies are gone and I haven’t had a headache for over 3 weeks! This is the first time anyone’s been able to do anything for my allergies and headaches without using drugs! It’s great to have my life back again without the side-effects of drugs.


Disclaimer: results will vary from person to person


"Now I don't have to use my inhaler as much"

Hi, my name is Becky Elliot and I have had asthma since I was 5 years old. I have taken several types of medicine but they only give me temporary relief. My friend's daughter had really bad allergies since she was a baby. She started getting treatments with Advanced Allergy Relief of Kansas. It helped her a lot so my friend suggested I try it for myself.

Last year at the Kansas State Fair I came across the Advanced Allergy booth, so I gave it a try. They checked me for wheat and dust allergies. When they introduced those to my body my arm felt heavy. I started treatments after that. Now I don't have to use my inhaler as much and I can go outside without thinking about it. I am far from being done but every time I get a treatment I get closer to not needing my inhaler. Thank you Advanced Allergy Relief of Kansas. 

Becky E.

Disclaimer: results will vary from person to person

Severe Digestive Problems


I came to (Advanced Allergy Relief of Kansas) with a history of multiple allergies and severe digestive problems. I already had 18 inches of my colon surgically removed. There were days when I felt I couldn't leave home and get away from the bathroom. I was familiar with muscle testing and decided to give Dr. Shubert a try, as allergy shots do not focus on specific food problems.

I noticed a great improvement after the first three allergy treatments. I still need treatments on more of the specific food allergies, but I continue to make progress as I continue the treatments. I would highly recommend treatments to anyone suffering from allergies.

Donna Wede

Disclaimer: results will vary from person to person

Hormone Imbalance & Thyroid Issues

"My husband asked me if I had cancer"When I first came to (Advanced Allergy Relief of Kansas) I had several allergies and was on prescribed medications for hormone therapy and thyroid medications, trying to correct imbalances in the body. In addition, I had a very low immune system. The hair loss was extensive, by the hand full. In fact while cleaning out a drain catcher my husband came into the bath after showering and asked me if I had cancer, which I do not have.

I also had such an energy drain and low immune system, it made it very difficult to do any activity such as deep cleaning, gardening or anything that required lifting heavy items. My diet consisted of basically four food items that I knew would not make me more ill. 
I feel so good after taking several allergy treatments and several supplements. I have finally gotten off of all prescribed medications. The hormone and thyroid drugs prescribed were causing the massive hair loss. I now have new hair growing in and have great energy and actually feel great. I'm able to finally deep clean and do regular household chores that I have put off because of such an energy drain.

Cindy A.

Disclaimer: results will vary from person to person


No More Shots


I have suffered from allergies all my life. I have been on and off allergy shots for over 30 years, tried every over the counter medication and many prescription forms to treat my symptoms. My allergies kept me from enjoying my kids’ outdoor sports, camping, and boating activities with my family. Usually from spring through November of each year I would be miserable!! Last year at this time I was taking Allegra and prescription nasal spray just to function.

I heard about Advanced Allergy Relief of Kansas from a friend. Though I was skeptical, I figured I’d tried everything else so why not? I began treatments around the first of the year. I am amazed at the change. I haven’t had to fill any of my allergy prescriptions nor have I taken any over the counter products. This is the best I’ve felt during this season in years!
My husband and kids are amazed as I’m able to participate in outdoor activities without needing a box of Kleenex nearby. Plus, I have more energy as I’m not congested so I’m sleeping better each night.
I’d recommend (and have) these treatments to anyone.

Kristi C.

Disclaimer: results will vary from person to person


Cat Allergies

"Now I can breathe"

Ever since childhood, I had trouble being around most cats. My nose would become stuffy and my eyes would be irritated until I got away. Now, since treatment, I can breathe freely when visiting my friends and relatives who have cats and don’t have to cut my visits short.

Acid foods like spaghetti sauce used to upset my stomach. Eating chips and salsa was a double whammy since corn seemed to make me feel dull and drowsy. Now, I don’t have any problems with chips and salsa, I’ve enjoyed them several times since treatment without any of my previous difficulties.
I’ve also noticed a big improvement since treatment on a number of other things such as dusty, windy conditions and cold, damp weather. Thank you!


Disclaimer: results will vary from person to person


Hair Started Growing Back

"Her hair started growing back and was also coming in thicker"

My daughter is now 3 years old, has been doing allergy treatments for a while now and is doing much, much better.

A year ago she hardly had any hair and was the pickiest eater ever. I wasn't able to get her to eat much of anything except for mac and cheese.
Just a few months after starting treatments through Advanced Allergy I noticed she was eating better and more likely to try new things. The other thing I noticed was that her hair started growing and was also coming in thicker than it had since she was born.
Audra M.
July 22, 2011

Disclaimer: results will vary from person to person

No More Itching


"I was treated and left with little to NO itching for the first time in over a month."

For a little over a month, I have been breaking out on my back, chest, stomach, arms and a little on my legs. Red bumps, scattered patches of rashes all very itchy. It has been affecting my sleep, my daytime work – everything. A friend of mine has been going to Dr. Shubert with good results. I questioned him about the therapies and was intrigued.

Called and got in to see Dr. Shubert. She recommended that I get allergy tested. At this appointment I received an allergy treatment. Discovered I had high reaction to histamines. I was treated and left with little to NO itching for the first time in over a month. I’m looking forward to my next appointment!

Debbie H.

Disclaimer: results will vary from person to person


Healthy Quality of Life


"It sounded crazy and different but I thought to myself to treat this as a science experiment."

I have had allergies all my life. I had resigned to using Zyrtec, Flonase and Pataday (eye drops) every spring. I never realized how much energy allergies took out of my life. Spring was a dreaded season every year to me. I came (to Shubert Natural Health Care & Chiropractic), having done so many years ago, before leaving town and returning recently. Dr. Shubert mentioned allergy treatments in passing upon my first visit. The following visit I inquired more. It sounded crazy and different but I thought to myself to treat this as a science experiment.

Now it seemed quite possible that with nerve impulses, reactions would occur. People get positive effects from acupuncture, in my opinion. So the first panel of allergy treatments was for tree and tree pollens. The results were better, but there were pollens of weeds, grass and dust out there. I noticed some improvement, but not complete improvement. Why? Well I’m allergic to weed and grass pollen, along with dust.

We did further treatments in the subsequent weeks. All of a sudden I feel wonderful and I don’t take Zyrtec, Flonase or Pataday. So I’m now moving on to the complete panel of allergy treatments for foods, etc.

You could shoot this idea down by saying it costs too much. But in my opinion, money is wisely spent on healthy quality of life. Frankly, the allergy medicines aren’t free either.

Richard M.

Disclaimer: results will vary from person to person

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